India in 205 cuvinte

“As our cart shoulders its way along the road,

I crane my neck this way,

then that,

looking at

a man scooping hot popcorn into a paper cone,next to

a barber lathering an old man’s face, next to

a boy plucking the feathers from a lifeless chicken, next to

an ear cleaner, his customer grunting with satisfaction, next to

a woman whose arms are draped with a hundred necklaces, next to

a man with a flute, coaxing a snake out of a basket, next to

a tailor pumping the treadles of his sewing machine, next to

a bone seller rattling his wares, next to

a woman with a basket heaped with dates, next to

a pig nosing through a pile of trash, next to

a boy ladling oil out of a tin, next to

a man selling broken pieces of motorcycles, next to

a girl threading marigolds on a string, next to

a man with crates of pigeons for sale, next to

a woman serving tea, next to

a boy shining shoes, next to a water buffalo napping in the shade, next to

a man selling cucumbers, next to

a man chanting a prayer, next to

a man scooping hot popcorn into a paper cone.”

Patricia McCormick – Sold

Descrierea este de fapt a unui oras din Nepal vazut de o fata de 13 ani care a fost vanduta de familie si trimisa la Calcutta sa se prostitueze. Recomand cartea celor preocupati si insetati de crizele zilnice si jurnalele de stiri ale tarii noastre plictisite.

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